Found Assemblages


The term “found assemblage”, in this case refers to the surrealist's terms, on one hand , Andre Breton´s "found object" which had a life of itself, a type of animism or like in dream interpretation when the object starts to stand in for something other than itself. These objects were said to have the power of disrupting our everyday perception. On the other hand, the “assemblage”, also a surrealist term which pointed to an alternative to more traditional methods of sculpture where everyday objects are incorporated in the vocabulary of sculpture. In this case, the assemblage is simply referring to the combination of objects, made by people, working or spending time in the public space. The meaning acquired is unintentional nevertheless it is there for those who see it. The public space is typically understood as the space that is shared by and accessible to all regardless of background, gender, race, ethnicity…etc (although that is up for discussion and the meaning of public space can also be discussed on many levels). These objects being in the public space and engaging in people’s everyday lives, carrying their own layers of meanings beyond the objects themselves could arguably turn them into a form of public artwork or at least in an unrecognised/unofficial form. The act of photographing them gives them this recognition and also a meaning beyond their own seemingly arbitrary existence, suddenly it becomes apparent that they speak for themselves and live a life of their own in the public space.

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