Hagalund in Space and Time

At the end of the 1800s in Old Hagalund, before Blåkulla, land was sold cheaply, and people built their own houses. Many of these people were craftsmen. On the site, a small “city” was built organically, with no political directives and no urban planning. This gave rise to a unique architecture and organization, and 6000 people lived there at its most populated moment. But Hagalund was regarded by the authorities as a township. In the 60’s and 70’s came the "Million Program” and housing needed to be built for a much larger part of the population. Hagalund was one of the chosen sites.  Old Hagalund was demolished and became what is today Blåkulla, and Hagalund industrial Area still exists just beside it.

During the transformation process of old Hagalund, a painter named Olle Olsson who had lived there all his life in a house built by his grandfather, succeeded in influencing public opinion. His intervention would lead to the preservation of a few houses from the old neighbourhood, including his own. Today this is known as the Olle Olsson Hagalund Museum. 

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