Four interview films and a conversation


In collaboration with Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum, my artistic investigations of the concept of time led to four interviews with researchers from Uppsala University and SLU. A conversation on speed and rhythms between the researchers and myself, moderated by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson was also recorded in conjunction with the exhibition.

Conversation Recorded at Uppsala Art Museum, August 2020

Eric Stempels, astronomer at the Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala University.

About the astronomer's perspective on the concept of time.

Erik Hallstensson, PhD student of theoretical philosophy, Uppsala University.

What happens when society slows down? About Covid-19 and the vulnerability of society.

Marie Kvarnström, biologist with a focus on biodiversity and author.

About the seasons, the light and the darkness of the farming community.

Isak Stoddard, PhD student, Department of Earth Sciences.

About geological time and how we can imagine a climate-neutral future.

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